She Matters is a community of survivors and advocates united in healing and support, legal education, and advocacy.



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She Matters creates advocacy campaigns using photography and video to capture the realities of life as a survivor of sexual violence. Campaigns are created to provide healing and support to survivors, while educating the public.



She Matters developed Survivor-Led Sensitivity Trainings to aid health care providers in understanding the struggles survivors face, while recommending suitable best practices to restore survivors faith in the medical system.



She Matters is developing the She Matters app, launching in 2019/2020. The app will aid survivors who experienced insensitivity when reporting sexual assault.

Support & Healing


Support and Healing is one of the pillars of the She Matters community. As a survivor-led organization we understand the trauma and pain experienced by survivors. We understand that there is no guide to healing, and the journey requires support and patience.

We’re here - every step of the way.


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