About Us


She Matters is a survivor-led organization. Founded in 2017, She Matters has led several advocacy campaigns (both in Canada and Kenya), developed Survivor-Led Sensitivity Trainings for health care providers, and is working on an app to aid in strengthening the reporting process for survivors.

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She Matters Tribe Team


Jacqueline Villeneuve

Founder, Executive Director


Nyaguthii Kioi

Assistant Director, Legal Advisor


GVRC - Gender Violence Recovery Centre at Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Olive & Annie

Victims Services - Greater Sudbury Police

Charity Wangui

Legal Representative


Board of Directors


Jasmine Kassam

Jacqueline Villeneuve

Nyaguthii Kioi

Charity Wangui

Catherine Mutuku

Suhayl Omar


We’re looking for volunteers passionate about legal advocacy and protecting the rights of survivors.

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