Stronger Together - Photo Series

The Stronger Together Photo Series captures the essence of strength in community. 8 women of different backgrounds joined together for the shoot, each bringing forth different life experiences. All survivors. 

Before the shoot began we sat together and openly shared our experiences with sexual assault and sexual harassment. In the beginning, the group was split - all having experienced sexual harassment, but only half experiencing sexual assault. By the end of the discussion more of the group begun understanding that they too had experienced assault but did not identify it as such due to the nature of the relationship with the man who assaulted them. 

We put down our guards, opened up as sisters, fellow survivors, and friends, and shared our stories in the ways we felt best portrayed our experiences. 

We're stronger together.

We will rise. 


Lyra Aoko Photography - She Matters-3.jpg
Lyra Aoko Photography - She Matters.jpg
Lyra Aoko Photography - She Matters-9.jpg