WHY - E's Story

* Trigger warning - the story shared may trigger some readers due to the topics shared. Please read at your advisement. * 



You never think something so bad could happen to you.

You hear the stories, and you see the pain other women experience, but you don’t quite understand it...until it happens to you.

I was just a young girl, going to a party with a friend when I woke up to YOU over me.

See the thing is, he was FRIENDLY.

He was the BEST LOOKING guy at the party.

So what happen? Did I lead him on? Was I wearing the wrong clothes? Did I say something that could of been misinterpreted?

Why me?

Why was I the girl that YOU decided to take something away from?

Why was I the girl that YOU pulled her hair so hard that it brought tears down my face & made me sick to my stomach.

Why was I the girl that YOU let beat you while you covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream?

Why me?

That summer night, YOU took something away from me that I’ll never get back.

YOU made me feel so dirty & broken.

YOU made me hate myself because I thought I was the one to blame for YOUR actions.

For weeks-months, I tried washing away the memory of that night. Nothing worked. So I convinced myself that nothing happened- that it was just a horrible dream. 

That I was okay.

From the outside, I looked fine.  My actions spoke differently.

I felt nothing. Nothing at all.

How could someone as horrible as YOU have so much power over me. I bet YOU don’t even remember me. I bet YOU don’t even remember my name.


 I will forever remember that night but I won’t let it define me anymore.